Technology - Mrs. Cox

I have been a parent at Maria Regina for the last five years.  This year I am thrilled to be the Technology Coordinator for nursery through 8th grade.  Yes, children as young as Nursery will be learning with the use of iPads!  I work in conjunction with all classroom teachers to help your children enhance their learning through the use of computer technology.

What we are learning:

Nursery & Pre-K - letter, number, shape and color discovery on iPads.

K - 2nd Grade
- Mastering the mouse & keyboard key placement & early typing exercises

3rd Grade - Word Processing

4th Grade  - Internet Research Beginners

5th Grade - Learning new applications and applying internet research skills to their Social Studies Projects

6th, 7th & 8th - Various projects to help them master their research skills and discover new and fun ways to use computer technology.

In addition, grades 3 - 8 start off class by practicing typing with proper finger placement for the first 10 minutes of each class.  (They will thank me when they are in college!)