English Language Arts


           "Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life."  - Janine di Giovanni

Welcome to the 2018 -2019 year!

       "Together we can do great things." -  Mother Teresa

Because when you stop and look around this Life is pretty amazing!
Nature tree
Through a myriad of genres my students understand the complexities of conflicts and resolutions.  Critical thinking and inferences is emphasized in writings. Vocabulary and expression are paramount to the ELA program.
Literary works including Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Yolen, Tolstoy, and Riordan are explored and Socratic discussions challenge our students to incorporate and treasure the written word.

This year the students will be required to read a novel a month and make presentations in school.  Each month will cover a different literary genre and students will have varied assignments to present.  Students will be given the assignment the first week of each month.

The schedule is as follows:

September - Autobiography - Power point presentation
October - Science fiction
November - Biography
January - Historical fiction
February - Fantasy
March - Fiction
April - Mystery