Useful Links


Each Friday provides sky maps and observing tips.  If you or your child has a telescope, this is a helpful weekly guide that tells you what is visible in the night sky each week.  You can also check out the Night Sky Network at:
 This website gives you a monthly calendar of what is visible at night in your part of the world.

The National Aeronautical and Space Agency has information on the US Space program and provides monthly videos that can help amateur astronomers.
Our  church values scientific inquiry. The Vatican Observatory has lots of information  on science and faith.  

Weather and Climate

STEM Resources
We will be doing many STEM Projects this year.

General Science Websites for Kids

Do you have a question about science?  Check out these links.

Ology is a website created by the American Museum of Natural History to help kids explore the different disciplines of science.

Conservation and Wildlife

The Riverhead Foundation is a non profit organization that rescues, treats, and releases stranded and sick sea turtles and marine mammals on the east end of Long Island.  The public can attend the release of these sea creatures back into the ocean. Check the website for more information.